Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo custom body

1993 Toyota SUpra RZ Twin Turbo

Custom one off wide body kit

Brand New Trust Intercooler

Brand New Blitz Air FIlter

20 Inch Veilside Alloys


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1995 Ex-Sard Race GT Supra

One off Sard Dry Carbon Bodykit

HKS T44R Turbo

NOS System Installed



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1997 Toyota Aristo V300 Veltex Ed

Tuned by renowned Aristo Tuner Revolfe

Great Sports Saloon with essential reliability

JUN 3.1 Engine Conversation

JUN Forged 87mm Pistons

SARD 650cc Fuel Injectors

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1996 Toyota Supra SZ-R with Trust T88 Turbo

Manual 6 Speed

Trust T88-34D Turbo Kit

SARD 800cc Injectors

HKS Intercooler

SARD Oil cooler

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Toyota Supra RZ Twin Turbo Topsecret

1996 Toyota Supra RZ-S Twin Turbo

Topsecret Bumper

Veilside Rear Wing

ARC Intercooler

HKS Muffler

Well setup street Tuned Supra

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